Not Just Rugged! This Is A Real Jeep

Gulf Insider spends a few days with the entry level Jeep Grand Cherokee, which sells for just BD 12,995.
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Behbehani Jeep lent me this entry-level Grand Cherokee for a long weekend to drive
around Bahrain and enjoy. It was interesting to compare this entry model Jeep as just a week earlier I had driven a top of the range SRT model from Venice International
Airport all the way to a skiing village high in the Dolomite Mountains to attend Jeep Camp 2019. It was a four-hour journey that started on motorways and ended with climbing bending mountain roads.

This is a real Jeep It doesn’t just look rugged, it is rugged and is as capable off the road as on road.

This is a real Jeep. It doesn’t just look tough, it is tough – as capable off road as on road. Despite this, it manages to be enjoyable to drive on the tarmac with precise steering and all sorts of nice in-car comforts. There are ten different models of the  Grand Cherokee, plus almost unlimited options packages available to allow customers to make their Jeep unique.

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Interiors depend very much on which model you go for. On the standard model that I drove it was fairly simple and practical with much use of good quality plastics, but the top of the range models such as the SRT I had driven a week earlier, they are luxurious with the use of soft-touch materials and leather armrests, upper door panels, and dashboard.

The infotainment system—called Uconnect—is excellent. There’s a standard 5.0-inch display, or buyers can opt for a larger 8.4-inch touchscreen. Rear-seat entertainment and in-car Wi-Fi is also available, and particularly useful for keeping children entertained while
they sit in the back.

There’s a huge amount of storage space, which can be substantially increased by putting down the rear seat which splits and folds in a 60/40 fashion; the operation is simple and quick, requiring just one action to release the headrest and fix the seat into its flat position.

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The current model has been improved to include blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert as standard.

The Grand Cherokee’s base engine is a V6, but a V8 is optional on Limited trims and above. Towing capacity is a respectable 6200 pounds for the V6 models and 7200 pounds with the V8.

The V6 Grand Cherokee is fuel efficient by SUV standards, the V8 –with its greater towing capacity – less so.

I enjoyed this entry-level model for the few days I had it. Starting from just BD12,900 in Bahrain, the Jeep Grand Cherokee must be one of the best value for money SUVs available.

For more infomation call Behbehani Brothers on +973 1745 9955


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