US: Journalist torpedoes the ‘war on tomboys’ as kids face pressure to become transgender

A journalist is calling out the “war on tomboys” as little girls who express interest in stereotypically masculine hobbies or wear androgynous clothes face pressure to change their gender. 

“Many women are tomboys growing up,” said Compact Magazine senior editor Nina Power who shared a childhood photo on Twitter. “This is me at age ten or 11 in the early nineties. I wore androgynous, masculine clothes until around the age 23, friends and interest all skewed masculine, and not a single person ever suggested any of these things have made me a boy or a man. We have gone backwards.” 

Power opened up to “America Reports” about how there seemed to be “less pressure” for children growing up in the 90s over what their interests and desires were. 

“I think a lot of us in the UK are very worried that the moment a child becomes unhappy or feels unhappy with his or her body, that there’s immediately a kind of rush to somehow diagnose this unhappiness,” she told Fox News.  

“I think a lot of people are worried about the situation where young children might be put on a particular course, either through puberty blockers or through drugs or surgery, that doesn’t really address the problem and that actually will lead to a lot of a lot more harm, a lot more unhappiness.” 

Adults must face their duty to “protect children from their own desires” without imagining they know what is best, she explained in her piece. 

“Children don’t have all the truth at their command and…it’s difficult to think long term when you’re young,” Power said. “I think we’re worried that…kids might be pushed or feel pressure—peer pressure either from friends or school or from the Internet—— into making irreversible decisions that they will then regret.” 



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