Kuwait: 3 Expat Workers Killed In Mosque Ceiling Collapse

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Three expats, Egyptian workers were killed and two injured when the ceiling of an under-construction mosque in Al Nahda district collapsed on Tuesday.

The Egyptian consulate in Kuwait stated that the bodies would be returned to Egypt and the worker’s relatives would receive financial compensation from the owner firm in Kuwait.

The Middle East News Agency (MENA) quoted a source in the Kuwaiti interior minister emphasizing that the killed workers were identified as Ahmed Yossef, Abdel Sattar Gad Allah and Mohammed al-Saqa.

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The Egyptian Consulate in Kuwait has contacted the construction company where the three worked to ensure that their families receive all the financial and compensation rights.

Kuwait’s Minister of Endowment and Islamic Affairs Fahd al-Shoaala affirmed that the Kuwait police would launch a probe to investigate the reason for the incident.



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