Kuwait: Over 50 accountants arrested over discrepancies

Fifty-one accountants working at Kuwait’s cooperative societies have been referred to Public Prosecution after the authorities discovered discrepancies in the quantities of subsidised foodstuffs during the last inventory conducted by the Ministry, Al Rai newspaper reported.

According to the paper, the suspects were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution after customs authorities at the Salmi border point over the past two days thwarted an attempt to smuggle out of the country large quantities of subsidised foodstuffs ranging from rice, powdered milk, bread and oil on board two trucks, which were destined to head for more than one Arab country.

The value of the seized subsidised foodstuffs is believed to be in the tens of thousands of dinars. The daily added the transport companies have been held legally responsible for the ‘smuggling’ of the subsidised supplies.

Al Rai quoted ministry sources as saying that it was not permissible to sell or give to others subsidised foodstuffs. While the customs officers have dealt a severe blow to those who attempt to smuggle Kuwaiti suppliesout of the country, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry confirmed efforts are continuing to control the disbursement of supplies and prevent any diversion.

The source emphasised the ministry has introduced strict measures to keep the disbursement of supplies under tight control and prevent holders of ration cards from making illegal profits from the government-subsidised foodstuffs indicating these supplies are only disbursed if civil IDs are produced.


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