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Kuwait: 95 Violators, 29 Wanted Persons Arrested In 2 Days

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The general security department carried out several campaigns in all governorates on October 25th and 26th, resulting in the arrest of 29 wanted and absconding persons, in addition to 95 residency law violators.

Six drugs and three liquor cases were busted, 250 traffic citations were issued, 23 vehicles were impounded and 277 assistance and 142 traffic accidents were dealt with, in addition to 10 citations issued for parking in the disabled spots.

Meanwhile, the traffic department launched a campaign in various areas of Kuwait resulting in issuing 2,237 traffic citations, impounding 144 vehicles and detaining 46 juveniles and 23 adults, while nine were sent for deportation for committing grave violations.

The traffic department carried out a campaign against buses and vehicles used for other purposes other than what they are licensed for, resulting in issuing 20 citations and impounding 19 buses.



Source Credit: Kuwait Times


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