Kuwait Announces up to 60% Price Cuts for Over 200 Drugs

Kuwait’s Minister of Health, Ahmad Al-Awadhi, has authorized significant price reductions for 209 drugs and medical products within the private health sector. This decision comes as part of the ministry’s regular review of medication prices, aimed at ensuring affordability for essential treatments.

According to a press release from the ministry, the price adjustments encompass medications for diabetes, blood pressure, antibiotics, cholesterol management, and other critical pharmaceuticals. The reductions, approved by the ministry’s medicine quotation committee, are intended to strike a balance between affordability for patients and support for the national pharmaceutical industry.

The release noted that some drug prices will see reductions of up to 60 percent. The new pricing structure will take effect three months after publication in the Official Gazette, allowing the private health sector adequate time to implement the changes.

This initiative underscores Kuwait’s commitment to making essential healthcare more accessible and sustainable for its citizens, while also supporting local pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Arab Times Online

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