Kuwait: Annual Leave Increased To 35 Days For Private Sector

Government to limit salaries of public secyor employees
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The National Assembly’s health and social affairs committee agreed to increase annual leave in the private sector to 35 days from 30 as part of a number of amendments to the labor law, a lawmaker said.

MP Osama Al-Shaheen said the amendment applies to both Kuwaitis and expatriates employed in the private sector. Annual leave was raised to 30 days several years ago, when the labor law underwent major changes.

Shaheen also said the committee approved a draft law regulating charity in the country. The bill stipulates tougher penalties for those who raise charity funds without a valid license and also raises penalties against those who disparage charitable work. The lawmaker said MPs intend to request that the Assembly gives priority to debate two legislations in today’s regular session.

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The first requires foreigners visiting Kuwait to have medical insurance for the period of their stay in the country. The bill also states that the interior ministry will not issue a visit visa for foreigners without medical insurance. It aims at preventing foreigners from coming to the country for medical treatment.


Source: Arab Times


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