Kuwait: Cash-for Driving Licences Land Expats in Jail

Eight expatriates in Kuwait were handed down final jail sentences after they were convicted of involvement in a bribery case for illegally issuing driving licences to foreigners in the country.

Kuwait’s Court of Cassation sentenced the eight to four years in prison each and ordered their deportation after serving the terms. The court also passed a similar ruling against a police officer with the rank of colonel in the same case.

The officer, an employee at the Ministry of Interior, was charged with taking bribes, seizing public money, and violating job duties in return for issuing driving licences to ineligible expats. The co-defendants were, meanwhile, charged with mediating for others and approaching the prime defendant to obtain the licences in return for money.

Earlier, a lower court hearing the same case, sentenced the officer to eight years in prison and the eight expats to jail terms ranging from six to four years.

Kuwait has an overall population of 4.8 million people including around 3.2 million foreigners.

In December, Kuwait transferred to electronic driving licenses for expatriates. Accordingly, expatriates can renew their licences electronically through the Ministry of Interior’s website or the “Sahel” government app.

In late 2021, Kuwait unveiled a new system for issuing driving licences for expatriates, by reviewing the holders’ data and revoking those of the ineligible ones. The revision aimed at ensuring that foreign holders of driving licences meet the requirements in terms of qualifications and wages.


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