Kuwait: Chaos Over Onion As Vegetable Imports Delay

In Kuwait, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry intervened and set up barriers to limit purchase as the vegetable and fruit market witnessed great chaos and overcrowding due to lack of stock caused by delayed import.

Suppliers revealed that onions are imported from Egypt and India, but due to the current conditions and the rise in prices internationally, importation of the quantities needed by Kuwait was delayed.

They noted, “there’s a shipload of onion that will arrive in Kuwait from India, which will contribute to maintaining prices”.

It is noteworthy the price of large size of 20 kilograms onion has reached 8 dinars, while the small bag is sold for 2.250 dinars.

These high prices will continue if the arrival of imported quantities from abroad is delayed. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has since set up barriers to limit the large quantities purchased, as the societies have been restricted to 150 bags, while 50 bags have been set for restaurants.



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