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Kuwait: Companies May Hire Bhutanese Instead of Filipinos

In recent lack of consistency in Filipino workforce to Kuwait, Bhutanese labor force appeared on the scene which was praised by a large number of companies that have already begun to take official measures to bring in a large number of Bhutanese. Sources said that the Bhutanese labor force that has arrived or is expected to arrive, does not include domestic workers since the Kingdom of Bhutan does not allow its citizens to work abroad as domestic workers.

Sources stated that the education level in Bhutan is very high and the lowest level of education you can find among them is the high school diploma. The Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Bhutan coordinates with companies in the Gulf countries and the Bhutanese government for its part facilitates all procedures for sending its workers abroad, and the company only has to send a representative to it, to see those procedures that include announcing employment interviews, as well as exempting the company representative from taxes, all fees, and cancellation of all agreement.

He stressed that the Bhutanese government does not send its workers abroad except to work in companies with group contracts, and refuses to send them as drivers or as domestic workers, it is expected that this workforce will have a great future in Kuwait, although their experience has not yet reached the experience of the Filipino workers.

The demand to employ Bhutanese nationals have increased due to Philippines labour crisis hence there are a lot of Bhutanese nationals that work in famous complexes, many of whom people think are Filipino workers because of the similarities between the two communities.

The Bhutanese workers are now in Kuwait, the Emirates and Qatar, and those who have dealt with Bhutanese here in Kuwait are very happy with their skills and ability. They are present in Kuwait primarily in restaurants and a number of other companies.


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