Kuwait creates 17,936 jobs for nationals

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Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission has created 17,936 vacancies for Kuwaiti nationals in the public sector. According to the commission, 13 vacancies are allocated for job seekers with Ph.D. degrees, 40 for those with a master’s degrees and 7,334, the highest figure, for those with bachelor degrees.

According to the latest figures, around 22,000 Kuwaitis have signed up with the commission to be recruited in the public sector. Sources say that most of the jobs offered by the commission require rare specialties, certificates, and specific expertise. They include medical engineering, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacy and nursing and technical and musical education.

Most Kuwaitis opt for government jobs to benefit from the professional security they offer as they cannot be fired unless in extreme cases. They are also attracted by less work pressure, more relaxed timings, fewer working hours and longer holidays.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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