Kuwait: death sentence in child murder overturned

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Kuwait’s Court of Appeals has overturned the death sentence for father and a mother who tortured their four-year-old daughter to death and kept her body in a freezer. The court in its new ruling sentenced the father to 10 years in jail and acquitted the mother. The reasons that made the appeals court abolish on Monday the verdicts pronounced by a lower court were not reported.

Forensic doctors reported that the body had burns on the shoulders and feet and traces of torture. During his questioning, the father, reportedly a drug addict, said that his daughter took one of his pills and died.However, he later admitted that he tortured her with hot water and beat her up with an electrical wire for her negligence in the flat.

He added that when he saw her condition, he went down to a pharmacy and bought her medicines, but she passed away. Upon hearing the details, investigators headed to the flat where they arrested Isra’s mother for her complicity in the murder of her daughter.


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