Kuwait declares holiday for public and private schools

The Ministry of Education in Kuwait has declared a holiday on Tuesday, 24 October, due to the partial solar eclipse, which will be visible from the UAE as well.

A partial solar eclipse is a rare event that occurs when the moon comes between the sun and earth. As the name suggests, the moon only partially covers the sun’s disk.

KUNA, Kuwait’s state news agency, reported that the holiday applies to students only. In a statement released on Monday, it was said that the decision was made in view of the partial solar eclipse, set to happen at 1.20pm on Tuesday in Kuwait, in order to ensure the safety of the students.

According to the Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG), one must not observe the solar eclipse without proper eye protection as this can cause “permanent damage” to the eyes. Viewers need to buy solar eclipse glasses. The sun will appear in a natural orange colour when viewed through this filter.

Mosques in some Islamic nations, including the UAE, host special prayers called ‘Kusoof’ during solar or lunar eclipses. In Dubai, Kusoof will be offered after Asr on Tuesday, October 25, as the partial eclipse peaks.

Though not obligatory, the prayer is highly recommended. It is different from the daily prayers and is usually offered in congregation in mosques, although families can perform it at home, too.

In the UAE, the celestial spectacle is expected to start at 2.42pm and end at 4.54pm. The maximum eclipse will happen at 3.52pm local time.


Khaleej Times
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