Kuwait Deports 10,000 Expats Over Residency Violations

Kuwait has deported 10,000 violators of residency and labour laws, according to the sources.

The violators were deported within three months, with about 3,000 workers arrested last month, after Kuwait’s interior ministry’s trilateral committee conducted raids.

These raids targeted those who fell under the unskilled category, such as masseurs, fishermen, farmers and scrap workers.

According to the report, trilateral committee affirmed its continuation of pursuing violators in the labour market, including in the fields of construction and farming, as 600 violators were caught in the past month and the beginning of this month during the camping season.

The committee added that a few agencies are selling visas for over KD2,000 to certain nationalities, and these agencies have been caught.

Kuwait’s new process to tackle illegal worker transfers

In the meantime, the Public Authority of Manpower is set to introduce a new process for receiving complaints about transfers between companies, particularly regarding new workers who come to the country.

The aim of this process is to address the issue of workers purchasing visas before arriving in the country and then transferring from a fake company to a genuine one, which leads to an increase in complaints and encourages the buying of residency permits.

The process aims to tackle the problem of residency permits being purchased by workers prior to their arrival in Kuwait.

Specifically, it targets those who, after arriving in the country and obtaining a job, request a transfer from the false company they are registered with to a legitimate one.

This practice leads to an increase in the number of complaints and encourages the buying of residency permits.

This move is part of the country’s efforts to streamline the recruitment of workers of all nationalities and focus on those with specialised skills who are needed to carry out government or private contracts.


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