Kuwait: E-Sick Leave Activated in All Hospitals

The Ministry of Health prohibits the printing of sick leave or medical reports in health centers and hospitals.
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The Ministry of Health has activated electronic sick leave system in all health areas, hospitals and specialized health centres. Directors of all health districts and central departments have been asked to follow up the system’s activation and ensure that all procedures are completed.

The procedures consist of registering all doctors working in hospitals and specialized health centres into the system, in addition to training employees and doctors on the use of the system and its method of work, approving sick leaves and electronic medical reports approved by the doctors registered in the system and documenting in the e-health system.

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There is no need for doctors to sign or put their stamp or hospital or government health centre stamp on electronic sick leave or electronic medical reports. The Ministry of Health prohibits the printing of sick leave or medical reports in health centres and hospitals, except in case of urgent need, or for people with special needs and the elderly.

The procedures say in the event of any technical problem with the system, the information systems department in the concerned health zone should be contacted. The Ministry of Health has allocated Mahmoud Haji Haider Health Center, in Jabriya, Block 6, for Kuwaitis only living in Jabriya, while the Jabriya Health Center in Jabriya, Block 7, has been allocated for expatriates in the area. The Ministry of Health says this is to facilitate procedures for treating citizens in primary health care centers in the Jabriya residential area.

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