Kuwait: Ethiopia agrees to terms over domestic labour agreement

The head of the Kuwaiti Federation of Domestic Labor Offices Khaled Al-Dakhnan called for the urgent signing of the labor agreement with Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian ambassador confirmed during a recent meeting that his country has given the ‘go ahead’ to the Kuwaiti terms of the agreement, and that Ethiopia is waiting for the invitation to sign the MoU. Al-Dakhnan pointed out that the recruitment of Ethiopian workers will contribute significantly to reducing the prices of new contracts for domestic workers.

He mentioned the contracts signed with Ethiopia will be less than what is currently available in the labor market in terms of cost and monthly salaries. In turn, the Federation advisor, Abdulaziz Al-Ali told the daily that contacts were made with officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Authority for Manpower regarding the urgency to sign the agreement with the Ethiopian side.


Arab Times

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