Kuwait: Expat Population To Limit To 25% In 7 Years

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Kuwait considers to reduce its number of expats by at least 1.5 million over the next seven years as it aims to achieve a demographic balance with nationals, reported Arabic newspaper Al-Qabas.

It said the government’s legal body had requested a national committee dedicated to demographic management. It would have the power to achieve a population consisting of 50% Kuwaitis.

The Kuwaiti national population is expected to increase to 1.7 million within seven years, although they currently stand at 1.4 million compared to 3.2 million expats, according to figures by the Public Authority for Civil Authority (PACI).

The plan by the government aims to limit the number of foreigners in Kuwait to 25% of the population, meaning at least 600,000 Indians and 300,000 Egyptians will be among those reduced as they constitute the largest expat communities.

However, it does not explain the fate of 120,000 stateless people, nor does it specify whether the cuts will include 650,000 domestic helpers.

According to the proposed plan, 10% of expat government employees must be replaced by Kuwaitis every year, as well as an additional 5% in the private sector.


Source Credit: Arabian Business


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