Kuwait Expats Lose Passports Due To Hotel Staff Negligence

kuwait expats
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A group of Kuwait expats who came for Umrah have lost their passports in the holy city of Makkah and are desperately trying to go back the country to resume their jobs.

The 53-member group includes men, women and children traveled to the Kingdom overland in a bus from Kuwait on a week’s package. The expatriates, all of them holding valid work visas of Kuwait, included Indians, Egyptians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis.

The pilgrims were informed about the loss of their passports on Tuesday afternoon when the tour operator requested them to be ready to travel to Jeddah to apply for new passports.

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The expats expressed their shock on being informed about the loss of their passports and the need to apply for duplicate passports at their respective consulates.

We believe that our passports were lost or misplaced at the hotel where we were staying. Apparently, it is an act of negligence, said the Kuwait expat community.

A team of officials has plunged into action to investigate the matter and also assist the stranded pilgrims in completing the required legal formalities.

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Stranded pilgrims wait to return to Kuwait to resume their job commitments. However, the time required for the re-issuance of standard passports varies from country to country.

Members to the expatriate group who arrived from Kuwait for Umrah and lost their passports in Makkah talk about their predicament during their visit to the Consulate General of India in Jeddah.


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