Kuwait: Expats must have KD 2,500 salary to hire Filipino maids

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has confirmed that expat employers must be earning a minimum monthly salary of KD 2,500 to hire Filipino domestic helpers.

The requirement will be included in the new tri-party contract which will be signed between employers and workers.

Provisions in the tripartite contract include:

  • Providing valid and appropriate housing/residency for the duration of contract
  • Providing food and clothing
  • Providing medical treatment in case of sickness pursuant to the healthcare insurance system of Kuwait
  • Salary must be paid at the end of the month – not less than the designated amount signed by both parties
  • Compensating the housemaid in case of injury sustained during work
  • Handle all the expenses to bring the housemaid
  • Working hours must be 12 hours daily and employers must allow the housemaid to rest for eight continuous hours
  • The housemaid is allowed to use the phone outside working hours, provided that privacy of the household is maintained in a manner consistent with public morals
  • They must have a fully-paid weekly day off, annual leave, end-of-service benefit or one full month for every year of service, plus a bonus equivalent to one month’s salary annually
  • The employer must provide an economy ticket to the worker at the end of their contract, and in case of conflict, the case will be referred to the Public Authority of Manpower
  • The employer is NOT allowed to keep the passport in their possession
  • In case of death, the employer must bear the expenses of the deceased body


Kuwait Times

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