Kuwait: Filipino Maid Died Of Natural Causes -No Criminal Suspicion

filipino maid
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The investigation into the case of the recent death of the 47-year-old Filipino maid, Constancia Lago Dayag, has revealed that it is a natural death and no criminal suspicion, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In the midst of Philippine government’s denial about the suspension of sending workers to Kuwait citing the agreement signed between the two friendly countries, the Al-Qabas sources confirmed that the criminal investigation officers listened to the testimony of the employer, who said he was surprised by the death of his domestic helper inside her room. The authorities have not slapped any charges against him.

The preliminary inspection showed that the death was normal and there was no criminal suspicion. The sources said investigations by detectives showed the relationship between the maid and her sponsor and his sons was good and there were no problems between them, and that she was about to travel to her home for vacation in agreement with her sponsor.

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The sources added, the sponsor then informed the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior and the door was forced open by firemen and the maid was found dead in her bed. Preliminary investigations showed the death was normal. The sources said that the final report of forensic medicine will be issued soon.

Philippines Vice-Consul Charleson Hermosura confirmed that there is no ban on sending Filipino workers to Kuwait, and the recruitment process for the country is still ongoing. “There are no instructions from the Philippines State Department on the ban on sending labor and we are awaiting the results of the Kuwaiti forensic department,”

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Hermosura reiterated that the embassy, with the help of the Kuwaiti government, would follow all legal means to find out the truth and achieve justice.

The Philippines and Kuwait last year signed a memorandum of understanding to provide greater protection for Philippine workers in the Gulf state. Manila set the agreement with Kuwait as a condition to end its deployment ban, a move triggered by the string of deaths of Philippine migrant workers in the Gulf state, including Joanna Demafelis, whose body was found in a freezer.


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