Kuwait: Flu vaccine available to all expats

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Kuwait’s Ministry of Health confirmed the flu vaccine will be available to expats of all ages, Al Qabas reported.

A source told Al Qabas the vaccine is available to everybody who wants to take it after more doses arrive in Kuwait following the shortage that occurred during the beginning of the Ministry’s winter vaccine campaign in October.

Those looking to take the vaccine will need to make an appointment online prior to their visit.

When the Ministry of Health first launched its winter vaccine it limited the flu shot to Kuwaitis only due to a limited supply.

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Then last month, the vaccine was made available to expats above the age of 50, as Kuwait received an additional 50,000 doses.


The Ministry is planning on providing a total of 400,000 doses by the end of December.

The Ministry of Health is aiming to achieve community immunity, especially since this year’s flu season coincided with COVID-19.



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