Kuwait: Four die after consuming adulterated liquor

Four young people have died while others are in a critical condition in Kuwait, after consuming locally manufactured adulterated liquor.

According to local media, the victims arrived at Jahra Hospital in a critical condition, and four of them died in the past few days. Six others are still in intensive care and one has lost his sight, reported Al Anba newspaper.

Even after the probe, the cause of death is not known. Authorities said the victim had bought the alcohol from someone known as ‘Bidoon’, whose nationality has not yet been revealed.

According to security sources, the liquor dealer has been arrested, and has admitted to selling beverages containing alcohol intended for use in perfumes.

The accused was arrested and referred to the authorities, although it is not clear whether he was the one who made the illicit liquor, or purchased it from other sources.

Kuwait, which is inhabited by 4.7 million people, prohibits the consumption and trading of alcohol, with the authorities prosecuting those involved in cases of this nature.


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