Kuwait: Four doctors investigated for misdiagnosis of patient

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health (MoH) has announced that four doctors were referred to the Jaber Al Ali Health Center for investigation, following a citizen’s complaint regarding his daughter not receiving the necessary healthcare at the center, Al Qabas Newspaper reported.

According to the daily, quoting sources, the child visited Jaber Al Ali Center as she had eaten some nuts and was feeling short of breath, and had to be admitted for a period of four days.

The complaint states that the doctors involved in her treatment did not accurately assess the health of the child, or conduct more tests, and only administered an antibiotic.

This led to her father transferring her to Al Adan Hospital. The daily pointed out that the pediatric emergency department at Al Adan Hospital correctly diagnosed her, carried out x-rays and examinations, and it was found that the child suffers from a narrowing of the windpipe, and she received the correct treatment.


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