Kuwait: Four Supermarkets Shut for Selling Rotten Meat

Four supermarkets selling rotten meat in Kuwait have been temporarily closed, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced on Monday.

These outlets based in Salmiya were found in violation of consumer protection regulations by selling rotten and adulterated meat.

During standard inspection rounds, ministry officials identified a recurring malpractice across these four supermarkets.

The outlets were thawing frozen meat and falsely marketing it as fresh chilled meat to unsuspecting buyers.

Further investigation disclosed that the thawed meat varied in origin, even including frozen liver, indicating a deliberate attempt by these establishments to mislead and potentially harm consumers.

Legal procedures are currently in progress, with the implicated violators expected to face prosecution.

Addressing growing concerns over the frequency of adulterated food seizures, ministry sources emphasized that such proactive measures signify the alertness and dedication of the Ministry of Commerce’s oversight mechanisms.

They remain steadfast in their mission to curb malpractices and ensure that similar breaches do not recur.


Gulf News

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