Kuwait: Fraud Sick Leave Can Get You Arrested

Security sources said the introduction of the new system will make it difficult for any employee from obtaining sick leave when he/she is outside the country.
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From now on, people who leave the country while on sick leave will be arrested upon arrival if it is proven that they obtained the sick leave while they were outside the country.

Several employees especially those who had a good rapport with some doctors made use of this relationship to obtain sick leaves, but the ministries of Interior and Health have put in ‘approved unified medical forms’, which will make it difficult for such employees to indirectly squander public money.

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In the event of any manipulation, the employee and the doctor who approved the sick leave will be referred to the Public Prosecution and charged with squandering public funds. The new system prohibits the issuance of backdated sick leaves, and prohibit doctors from issuing sick leaves when they are not on duty be it hospitals or specialized medical centres.


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