Kuwait just dissolved its cabinet. Here’s why.

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Kuwait’s entire cabinet resigned Monday, less than a week after the opening of its parliament — and following the interrogation of one of its members during a parliamentary session. Under Kuwait’s constitution, the prime minister’s resignation triggers the resignation or removal of the entire cabinet — and the prime minister on Monday submitted his resignation to Kuwait’s emir, whoaccepted it. The parliament’s speaker announced that the legislative body will not meet until a new parliament is seated, and in the meantime, the current cabinet will act as an interim caretaker cabinet.

The process of selecting a new cabinet is expected to take a few weeks. However, there is no official length of time in which the prime minister — who is appointed by the emir — must form a new cabinet. The reasons behind these resignations indicate the difficult balance Kuwait’s government hopes to strike between austerity, public support and effective governance.

With the mass resignations, the government’s primary intention was to reshuffle the cabinet. In fact, the prime minister has already been reappointed to form the new cabinet. They also indicate the emir’s willingness to reshuffle the cabinet should it fall short of achieving the goals of austerity — a standard that many in parliament have advocated.

Source Credit: The Washington Post
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