Kuwait: Legislation issuance soon on replacement of expatriates

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KUWAIT: Around 12,000 citizens are on the public sector jobs waiting list; while expatriate workers are considered vital to some sections in the ministries of Health and Education, says member of the parliamentary Kuwaitization and Employment Committee MP Saleh Ashour.

This came after the committee’s meeting with representatives of oil companies, Civil Service Commission (CSC), Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and Supreme Council for Planning in the presence of the oil minister on Wednesday.

Ashour disclosed there will be an agreement soon on the issuance of legislation concerning replacement of expatriate public sector workers with citizens. He confirmed the meeting tackled all issues related to employment of Kuwaitis and children of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis, the existing replacement plan, and Kuwaitization vision for the next five years. He said the committee asked representatives of the government team to submit statistics and official statements supporting information presented at the meeting, indicating the discussion will be finalized later.

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Meanwhile, the Interior and Defense Affairs Committee also met Wednesday in the presence of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad.

The committee discussed parliamentary proposals related to the National Military Service Law such as reduction of national service period from one year to four months and reduction of reserve service from 35 days a year to 15 days.
The committee gave the government 15 days to comment on these proposals before voting on them. Committee Chairman MP Askar Al-Anazi disclosed the defense minister briefed the panel on issues concerning the military and Kuwait’s 2035 Vision.


On the suggestion to allow women to join the Army, Al-Anazi said they did not discuss this during the meeting. He stressed, “Recruitment of women in the Army is unacceptable. A woman should remain a sister and a mother. The minister of defense did not tackle the issue at the meeting.”

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Furthermore, the Parliamentary Priorities Committee on Wednesday agreed with the government team to submit 32 draft laws to the concerned committees. Committee Chairman MP Ahmed Nabeel Al-Fadel said a total of 122 government draft laws were submitted to committees in previous years.

He revealed the committee asked the government to withdraw draft laws deemed unnecessary, resulting in the cancellation of 50 draft laws. He added the committee put the draft laws on handicapped, family and women affairs on top of its priorities.

Source Credit: Arab Times


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