Kuwait: Maids offices shut as victims file complaint for fraud

In the midst of the “domestic labour shortage” crisis that the country is currently facing, many citizens became victims of multiple frauds when some owners of domestic labour offices announced new contracts for female workers from the Philippines at discounted prices compared to the rest of the offices, taking advantage of the citizens’ needs and luring them and they ended up filing hundreds of complaints with the Public Authority for Manpower, which responded by closing some offices and revoking their license.

PAM has taken legal measures against some domestic labour offices after some citizens filed complaints against them that the offices had failed to remain committed to their terms and conditions of providing a domestic worker.

Informed sources said that the closed offices did not respond to the request of the Department of Domestic Labor in authority to visit PAM, so they were administratively closed for 3 months, and their licenses were cancelled by the Ministry of Commerce.

The sources added that many complaints were registered against offices which took money from citizens to bring in a domestic worker at reduced prices, which they published through advertisements in the media, and it turned out that they had ended up signing fictitious contracts.


Arab Times

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