Kuwait: Million expats categorized as “unidentified laborers”

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Government sources closely related to solving the demographical imbalance problem seemed so optimistic that the solution was doable but needs more planning and patience. The sources also stressed that the supreme committee for adjusting the demography plans to meet soon, adding that some very strict measures already in effect have led to having more control on the flow of expatriate laborers in the country. The measures also helped fight visa traffickers, which made visa prices jump to exceed KD2,300, the source added.

Further, the sources said that at least one million expatriates could be categorized as “unidentified laborers”, in addition to three other sectors including fishermen, shepherds, and farmers, leaving only 400,000 as what he described as “productive labor”, versus 1.7 million marginal ones.

The sources also justified the lack of accurate numbers of expatriate labor in Kuwait to the fact that many of them hold residency visas without staying in Kuwait, but they come to Kuwait occasionally to keep their residencies valid.

Source Credit: Kuwait Times
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