Kuwait: More than 1000 Cigarette Boxes Seized from Saudi National

Saudi national caught while trying to smuggle cigarettes.
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Huge quantities of different types of cigarettes smuggled in a car were seized. The pictures and videos were highly circulated on various social media accounts. 

Comments indicated that the Kuwaiti Land Customs “Nuwaiseeb” seized a total of 1305 boxes of different types of cigarettes in the car of a Saudi national. Comments added that the Saudi national attempted to smuggle these quantities worth around BD12,000 from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia and were confiscated by the Kuwaiti Land Customs. Comments stated that the aim of smuggling was to take advantage of the low price of cigarettes in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti media expects the seized cigarettes, which have a market value of about KD10,000, an equivalent of BD12,426, would be resold at a public auction.


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