Kuwait: More than 50% hike in Private Sector Expats

Increase in the number of expatriate employees in the private sector was divided into 14 different economic activities.
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The private sector witnessed an increase in the number of expatriate employees by about 58,000 during the period from June 2018 to June 2019. In the wholesale and retail sector alone, the number of workers increased by 51.3 percent, which is about 29,597 new workers.

Meanwhile, Minister of Interior has stipulated that those who come to the country for the first time for residence purpose must obtain two criminal status reports for security clearance.

One of these reports should be obtained from their country of origin and accredited by the Embassy or Consulate of Kuwait in that country within three months before entering Kuwait. The second report should be obtained from the General Department for Criminal Evidence within three months.

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The Civil Service Commission (CSC) sent a circular to all government bodies last week, stating that Ministry of Interior affirmed that expatriates requiring an entry visa to work in the government sector must submit these two criminal status reports, adding that this process is aimed to prevent the entry of those who have a criminal record.


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