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Kuwait MP calls for imposing of exit visas on expats

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An MP in Kuwait has called for the imposing of exit visas on expatriates in the latest of a string of measures against the country’s foreign population proposed this year. MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei submitted a draft law that would mean expats working in the private sector would need to obtain a permit from the country’s public manpower authority to leave the country.

The permit would require approval from the expat’s sponsor in a similar manner to the system in Qatar, which has been repeatedly criticised by human rights groups. The proposal would place more power in the hands of companies, which have been banned form holding on to the passports of employees.

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The draft law comes amid calls from some MPs to reduce the number of foreigners in the county, who make up 70 per cent of the 4.4 million population. Earlier this year, MP Safa Al-Hashem called for a 10-year limit on foreign workers staying in the country, the doubling of charges for recruitment and restrictions on dependent visas.

Source Credit: Gulf Business
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