Kuwait MPs seek to remove exemptions from expat healthcare fees

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Members of the Kuwaiti parliament are reportedly seeking a review of recently announced increases to health care fees for expats with an eye on removing exemptions for some groups.

The new fees, announced last week, mark the first increase in the cost of healthcare in the country for more than two decades. They include the more than doubling of costs for most services and new levies for treatment that were previously free for foreigners with health insurance.

However, a number of exemptions for the higher treatment costs were announced including children under 12 years of age suffering from cancer, non-Kuwaiti wives, and mothers of Kuwaiti citizens, children of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaiti husbands, residents of care homes, GCC citizens and bedoons/ bedouins.

Kuwait Times cited sources as saying MPs have no right to oppose the decision but many believe a legislative review would be helpful in passing the law.

Source Credit: Gulf Business
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