Kuwait: MPs/clerics accuse shop selling figurines of idolatry, demand it be closed

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An online dispute over the merit of selling figurines in Kuwait threatens to worsen after a lawmaker has taken the issue to the country’s powerful parliament.

A video posted on social media sites and claiming that a shop in Kuwait was selling statues sparked shocked reactions from religious figures and conservatives and calls to shut down the business.

The shop specialises in creating lifelike replicas of people using 3D scanning booths and printers, but the conservatives said that the miniatures and statues would be worshipped as idols.

“What this shop is doing is an abomination and it must be closed immediately as it is more dangerous than liquor stores, because it revives the issue of idols. Some people may make idols for their children,” Othman Al Khamees, a religious figure, said.

Abdul Rahman Al Nassar posted on the hashtag launched to pressure the government into shutting down the shop said that the real threat would materialise within years.

“The grave concern is that the statues would be idolised later. Maybe not today, but later for sure. Today, they are just figurines, but within years they will hold a new significance and will be turned into idols that will be worshipped. We hope everyone will stand against the shop and the statues,” he said.

Lawmaker Mohammad Hayef Al Mutairi said the idea of selling statues in Kuwait should not be allowed.

However, other Kuwaitis expressed shock at the calls against the “negative” reaction by those who called for action against the shop.

Hamad Al Sinan, a Kuwaiti religious figure, said that when the early Muslims entered Egypt, they took no action against the Sphinx.

“There is no logic in issuing calls to ban figurines or replicas. Let us rise above such illogical, irrational thoughts,” he said.

One user posted a picture of a statue of Ronald McDonald, the clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald’s fast-food chain, saying that no religious voice has said anything about it.


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