Kuwait: National low carbon strategy to be adopted until 2050

The Kingdom of Kuwait is keen to adopt a national low-carbon strategy until 2050. The national strategy is based on a circular carbon economy to promote the reduction, disposal, reuse and recycling of greenhouse gases. The strategy will be supported by the enactment of relevant legislation and laws to reduce emissions and adapt to their negative effects at the national level, in line with local, regional and international environmental obligations.

The State of Kuwait, in compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement, updated its contributions document on October 12, 2021, whereby Kuwait contributes to a package of development projects based on a vision that would avoid an increase in greenhouse gases equivalent to 7.4 percent of its total emissions until 2035. The country has attached great importance to diversifying its energy sources by introducing renewable energies and replacing fossil fuels with liquefied gas to ensure the sustainability of energy supplies for future generations.


Kuwait Times
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