Kuwait: Nearly 2,000 expat teachers to be sacked

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Around 1,961 non-Kuwaiti teachers will be laid off by next July in five majors: Islamic studies, history, geography, psychology and philosophy, local media reported.

Official sources in the Ministry of Education told Al Qabas newspaper the public education sector has surveyed the number of teachers in all disciplines based on the instructions of the authorities to localise these jobs.

According to official statistics obtained by Al Qabas, the number of non-Kuwaiti Islamic studies teachers in the three educational stages (primary, intermediate and secondary) is 1,319 (670 men – 649 women) of Arab and Gulf nationalities, while the number of residents working in social studies reached 174 men and 66 women teachers.

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The number of non-Kuwaiti teachers in history is 58 male and 46 female teachers, in geography 108 male and 105 female teachers, and in psychology and sociology 22 male and 5 female teachers, while in philosophy the number is 57 male teachers and one female teacher.

The sources indicated that the concerned departments are working on preparing lists of all the names of the teachers in the five specialisations in preparation for sending them to the Civil Service Bureau upon its request to study the possibility of ending their services at once or not.

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