Kuwait: New Airport Project to Commence in August 2022

Kuwait Airport Plan
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Deputy Minister of Public Works Ismail Al-Failakawi announced that the new airport project will open in August 2022, according to the schedule.

Al-Failakawi said, on the sidelines of the inspection tour organized yesterday by the Ministry in the presence of Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development Khaled Mahdi, “There are no obstacles facing the project, as work is currently being done in cooperation and coordination with the contractor, consultant and the Supreme Council for Planning to remove any obstacles.” He explained that the project is going according to the schedule, there is no delay, as the completion rate was 26.9 percent.

Al-Failakawi added that the Ministry is responsible for implementing the airport project, which is one of the important development and strategic projects to achieve plans of Kuwait 2035.

Regarding the labor force in the implementation of the project, Mahdi mentioned that it takes 11 thousand workers in various specialties, while the current number of employees amounts to 6900, including 168 Kuwaitis. He also added that this project comes within the framework of implementing an important policy of the development plan policies, which is regulating the market Air transport and infrastructure development for Kuwait International Airport with the aim of developing the facilities and services provided by Kuwait International Airport according to the highest international specifications and increasing the airport’s capacity to reach 25 million passengers upon completion of all stages.


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