Kuwait: Over 95% of government jobs held by citizens

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Kuwaitis account for over 95% of employees in the Ministry of Electricity and Water amid a vigorous campaign in the country to replace foreign workers with citizens to redress a demographic balance, media reports said today.

The numbers of Kuwaiti employees at the ministry last year reached 21,693 or 95.2 per cent against 94.1 per cent two years earlier, an official report showed.

Some 1,218 Kuwaitis were appointed at the ministry last year, nominated by the state Civil Service Commission. The numbers of foreign employees at the ministry last year stood at 1,095, according to the same report. Foreigners account for nearly 3.4 million of Kuwait’s 4.8 million population.

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In recent months, several Kuwaiti public figures have accused expatriates, mainly the unskilled labour, of straining the country’s health facilities and increasing the COVID-19 threat.

There have been increasing calls in Kuwait to redress the population imbalance in the country, prompting several government bodies to disclose plans to cut numbers of their expatriate employees.


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