Kuwait: Philippines Embassy Breaks Regulations in Labor Dispute

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Philippines Embassy in Kuwait is again in the eye for breaking regulations in labor disputes, as it opened the door for a maid to escape from her sponsor for a trivial and petty reason that prevented her from eating eggs where she worked for her sponsor.

Although the Philippine embassy focuses on to protect its workers and to solve the crisis of recent ban of their workers from the Philippines to Kuwait, the Philippines embassy also plays role of resolving issues between the workers and the sponsors where in some cases it takes appropriate action to return the worker to her country by harboring a domestic worker who complains about her sponsor.

This incident began when the Filipina maid published her complaint on Facebook claiming that “the sponsor is not happy with her as she was eating eggs and she sleeps late”, describing that she was being forced to work till 11 pm in the night and gets very tired.

The Facebook post gained much sympathy from the Filipino community in the country. The relevant authorities in its country advised her to contact the recruitment office in Kuwait and asked for her return, which was done by contacting the employer who gave in and handed her over to the office confirming that it was wrong what she claimed. The very next day the Filipina posted her photo inside her country’s embassy.

Sources contacted the sponsor of the worker, Abu Jasir Al-Shammari, as he did not know what the worker had published on Facebook as he is not so tech-savvy with social media. He said that they had provided her with everything she needed despite the fact that the tasks assigned to her were simple.

He added, “Since her first week, she complained to the recruitment office that she was not getting food, to which we were surprised, so we rushed to provide all the foods apart from her salary.”

Al-Shammari said that he received a call from the police station in the morning and asked him to be present in the police station due to a complaint filed by the Philippine embassy on him regarding the worker.

Sources said that concerned authorities in Kuwait monitored the complaint and followed it up to investigate its circumstances and clarify the truth. Surprisingly, the request of the Philippine authorities to provide protection for its workers, at the same time did not formally request earlier problems.

The sources said that the Philippine authorities are cautious and keeps in mind about the incident of Jeanelyn Villavende, blaming the concerned maid agency for being aware of the complaint and not informing the Embassy of it.

The recent crisis will be an opportunity for many domestic workers to exploit sympathy and seek help from the embassy to escape the natural responsibilities of working inside the home.


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