Kuwait Police Disperse Riot by Stranded Egyptians

Egyptians are pictured inside a school that was turned into a center to receive residency violators wishing to avail an amnesty Kuwait announced for April, amid the coronavirus crisis, in Kuwait City.
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Police in Kuwait dispersed what they described as a riot by stranded Egyptians unable to return home amid the coronavirus pandemic, authorities said early Monday. The development was the first such reported sign of unrest.

Online videos purported to show Kuwaiti police firing tear gas at the demonstrators overnight.

The KUNA news agency called the confrontation a riot carried out by Egyptians corralled at a group shelter. “Security officials intervened and took control, arresting a number of them,” the KUNA report said.

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It did not acknowledge what level of force police used to put down the unrest, nor how many people authorities ultimately arrested after the incident.

KUNA earlier quoted Egypt’s ambassador to Kuwait as saying that Cairo planned repatriation flights for those stranded later this week. Kuwait agreed last month to allow expatriates violating its residency laws to leave the country without paying fines or air tickets, with women and children due to leave first.


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