Kuwait raises $4 million for debt convicts

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Kuwaitis have donated around $4 million in a matter of hours in a fund-raising campaign to help secure the release of Kuwaiti prisoners convicted for failing to pay their financial dues. Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Mohammad Al Jabri said the fund-raising campaign aimed to alleviate the financial burdens on citizens.

The campaign, organised by Zakat House in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, sought to allow heavily indebted prisoners to go home after a review of their files to make sure they are eligible to the settlement of their debts and subsequently to an early release.

Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister of Information Shaikh Mohammad Al Abdullah Al Mubarak Al Sabah, said “The campaign embodies the humanitarian nature of Kuwait which is known for its pioneering role in responding to emergencies and helping needy people around the globe.”



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