Kuwait records highest temperature on Earth

Kuwait recorded the highest temperature on earth last week after Jahra recorded 53 °C followed by Sulaibiya 52.1 °C, local media reported. According to Kuwaiti media, Jahra was the hottest place on the planet, followed by Sulaibiya, Abadan in Iran 51 degrees Celsius and Nasiriya in Iraq was 50.8 degrees Celsius.

Kuwait’s weather will be very hot from Tuesday to Thursday with northwest winds bringing in dust will lead to decrease in visibility. Temperatures are expected between the range of 48 and 50 degrees Celsius in some areas. This is not the first time Jahra reports the highest temperature on earth.

Earlier in June, Jahra recorded the highest temperatures at 50 degrees Celsius in the shade followed by Al Wafra city with 49.7 °C.


Gulf News

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