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Kuwait Reschedules Burial Times Due To Scorching Heat

Kuwait’s municipal authorities have adjusted burial times for the summer months, considering the usual surge in daylight temperatures.

Burials are now scheduled for 9am and in the evening after the Maghreb (sunset) and Isha (night) prayers, to avoid the scorching heat.

Additionally, all cemeteries across the country are equipped with lights to facilitate nighttime burials.
Last Friday, the Jahra governorate in north-western Kuwait recorded the world’s highest temperature of 51 degrees Celsius, as reported by media outlets.

To address such extreme conditions, Kuwait has initiated a summer ban on outdoor work at noon, effective from 11 am to 4 pm until August 31.

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has pledged strict enforcement, conducting surprise inspections at workplaces to detect violations and take legal action against offenders.
This seasonal ban aligns with Kuwait’s commitment to international work standards and aims to safeguard workers from the hazardous effects of extreme heat.

Kuwait’s population is estimated at 4.8 million, with around 3.3 million being foreigners.

Similar bans on outdoor work are common in other Arab Gulf countries, which host large migrant worker communities, during the summer when temperatures soar.


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