Kuwait restricts expat-owned vehicles to 2 per person

A proposal to was submitted to the National Assembly by a member of parliament calling to restrict vehicle ownership by expats to two and impose extra fees on any additional vehicles, saying the proposal aims to counter the illegal trade in vehicles, reduce traffic jams, and ensure there is enough car space for Kuwaiti citizens at commercial malls, markets, and public places

The lawmaker said there are scores of dilapidated vehicles on Kuwaiti roads owned by expats, causing traffic jams, chaos, and accidents. He added that these vehicles are normally parked in public squares and car parks of schools, mosques and commercial malls, and efforts by the Municipality have failed to resolve this issue.

According to the MP, based on reports in the press and social media, dozens and probably hundreds of expats own up to 50 vehicles each. The lawmaker said some residents are using public places and parks to park their vehicles and have exploited such places to trade in vehicles, clearly violating the law. He said although there is no law restricting vehicle ownership by expats, authorities should intervene to control the situation in order to serve public interest.


Kuwait Times

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