Kuwait scraps end-of-service gratuity link to exit from country

Kuwait has cancelled contested linkage of end-of-service gratuity payout to expatriates to their departure from the country, a local newspaper has said.

Maryam Al Aqeel, the chairwoman of the Civil Service Commission, Kuwait’s government employment agency, has issued a circular revoking the condition linking the payout to one-time foreign government employees’ presentation of their departure notifications.

Dozens of expatriates whose services have been terminated as part of Kuwait’s policy replacing foreign employees with citizens, have been unable yet to get their end-of-service entitlements.

The commission, added the sources, will coordinate with the Finance Ministry to augment allocations for paying out end-of-service gratuity to cover financial rights of foreign employments whose service have recently been terminated as part of the job replacement policy known as Kuwaitisation. No specific figures have been provided.


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