Kuwait: “Shisha” to be banned in closed areas

Kuwait Municipal Council
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The issue of “Shisha” (hubble-bubble) reemerged on the tables of the Municipal Council with regard to a proposal suggesting separation of the licenses of restaurants from cafes and banning Shisha in cafes.

The proposal was approved by nine votes against two. Council member Ahmad Hadian who presented the proposal confirmed the use of “Shisha has become common in Kuwait though it’s without commercial classification, and it’s against the law.”

In his role, Deputy Director of Capital and Jahra Municipal Affairs Engineer Faisal Sadeq explained that the municipality “will implement the decision in relation to banning the use of Shisha in closed areas, and there is coordination with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to change some classifications and titles after the ban on smoking Shisha in closed places takes effect.”

Meanwhile, sources expect the proposed ban on Shisha in cafes would be the same as the proposal to “prevent Shisha for families”, thus adequate response would come from the relevant minister”.


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