Kuwait: Shortage Of Domestic Helpers After Domestic Ban

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Kuwait recruitment firms are struggling to find domestic helpers after the recruitment from the Philippines was suspended earlier this year, according to Kuwaiti media reporters.

Khaled Al-Dakhan, the chairman of the Kuwaiti Domestic Helper Agencies Union told Kuwait Times that 85 percent of agencies currently have no applications.

“The agencies are currently in a crisis that may lead to closing most of them if the suspension continues for over two months,” he said.

The ban on Filipino domestic workers travelling to Kuwait came into force on January 3. The move follows the death of a Filipina housemaid who was beaten by her sponsor’s wife.

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Al-Dakhan added that many agencies now only have Sri Lankan domestic helpers over the age of 40 available, while Kuwaitis prefer younger employees.

“The reason behind the aged Sri Lankan helpers is that most neighboring countries pay higher commissions to domestic helper agencies in Sri Lanka, and thus they send them all the younger ones,” he said.

“This crisis is the result of mainly depending on one country in supplying domestic helpers despite the union’s repeated calls to bringing them from more countries,” he added.

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