Kuwait: Stranded expat teachers to be considered to be on paid holiday

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Expat teachers unable to return to Kuwait will be considered to be on official, paid leave.

The Acting Undersecretary of Kuwait’s Ministry of Education, Faisal Al Maqsid, issued a memo regarding the procedures as far non-Kuwaiti teachers and staff who are stuck abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic are concerned, Al Rai media reported.

All employees who left the country before March 12 and were unable to return due to the flight ban will be considered to be on official holiday. Therefore, they are entitled to their salaries.

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Given that the new academic year is set to begin on October 4, many teachers are still stuck abroad.

The number of these teachers does not exceed 1,000.

Al Maqsid clarified that the decision on the return of the teachers stuck abroad is at the discretion of the health authorities.


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