Kuwait: Student caught with gun in her backpack at school

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An 11-year-old student was recently apprehended with a gun in her school bag in Kuwait, reported Al Anba. The incident is currently under investigation by the Ministry of Interior.

A primary school principal informed a police station in Al Jahra governorate that a firearm had been discovered in a student’s bag. A security patrol was dispatched to the school for investigations.

The principal said that one of the students told a Islamic studies teacher that the 11-year-old student, FM, had a gun in her backpack. The bag was inspected, verified that there was a gun, and then it was promptly removed.

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The child was questioned regarding the weapon and its original whereabouts, but she had no idea. She claimed that someone must have placed it in her bag.

The child has since been investigated by the school’s administration. Her guardian was summoned and a case filed for illegal possession of a firearm.


Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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