Kuwait: Thousands Register As Amnesty Period for Residence Violators Ends

Thousands of expats flocked to amnesty centers to register to return home.
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The Ministry of Interior will not extend the amnesty period for residence law violators, which ended on April 30, 2020.

According to sources, around 25,000 residence violators have registered to return to their homelands, free of prosecution or fines for overstaying in Kuwait illegally.

Such violators are housed in government shelters as of now, undergoing medical tests to be able to return home.

The deportation of such undocumented Indians and Egyptians will begin next week, according to Arab Times.

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However, around 1,35,000 illegal expats are said to still be in hiding, refusing to take advantage of the opportunity to return to their countries.Visa traders who illegally sell visas for marginal labour have been largely blamed for the expa crisis.

The time limit may be extended for expats from countries which haven’t opened their airspace for citizens wishing to return.



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